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What will be the next big "green" powertrain in the U.S.?

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JFE Builds Super-Fast Charging System for Electric Vehicles

10 July, 2010 01:30:00
Japanese company JFE Engineering claims it has found a way to recharge electric vehicle batteries in only 3 minutes.

EU Proposes Electric Vehicle Safety Measures

15 June, 2010 09:51:00
The European Commission has proposed safety harmonization measures to ensure that electric vehicles in member states are safe and that consumers are protected against direct contacts with parts of the car under voltage.

Ford to Offer Free Charging Stations for EV Owners

02 June, 2010 11:58:00
Ford is partnering with Coulomb Technologies to provide free in-home ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations to nearly 5000 of its first electric vehicle customers under the Ford Blue Oval ChargePoint Program.

BYD Join Forces with Daimler on Electric Vehicles for Chinese Market

27 May, 2010 04:50:00
Germany's Daimler AG and one of China's leading battery and auto maker BYD Co. set up a 50-50-owned new joint venture—Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co.—to develop a new electric vehicles for the Chinese market.

Deloitte Predicts Slow Adoption of Electric Vehicles

16 May, 2010 10:12:00
Deloitte Consulting released Thursday a new study that says electric vehicles will only be between 2% and 5% of the market by 2020.

Phone Booths to Recharge Electric Vehicles in Spain

16 May, 2010 04:59:00
Spanish companies Endesa and Telefonica on Wednesday unveiled a phone box in which users can both make a phone call and recharge the battery of an electric vehicle.

THINK Says EV Customers Willing to Trade Range for Price

10 May, 2010 02:44:00
Electric car maker THINK released results of a customer survey that suggests potential electric vehicle customers would be willing to accept less than 100 miles range-if the price is right.

Ford to Build HEVs and PHEVs in Valencia

10 May, 2010 06:08:00
Ford has decided to build its company's first hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid models for European customers in its Valencia plant in Spain.

Wayne State University Launches Graduate Program for Electric Vehicle Engineering

05 May, 2010 09:45:00
Wayne State University's Board of Governors has approved the nation's first graduate program to train electric vehicle engineers.

Survey: Consumers Still Unsure About Electric Vehicles

04 May, 2010 12:37:00
Forty percent of consumers still feel they don't know enough about the technology to consider an electric vehicle for their next purchase, Cars.com survey shows.
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