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Hybrid Car Sales Fell 19 Percent in June

08 July, 2010 07:08:00
Reported sales of hybrid vehicles in U.S. fell a staggering 23.7 percent in June to 21,679 units, a 19.1 percent decline compared to hybrid sales recorded in June 2009.

Hybrid Vehicle Sales Jumped Nearly 20 Percent in May

06 June, 2010 10:59:00
Reported sales of hybrid vehicles in U.S. rose a 19.2 percent in May to 28,202 units, a 9.2 percent increase compared with May 2009.

NYPD Adds 200 Ford Hybrids to its Fleet

01 May, 2010 05:07:00
The NYPD has ordered 200 Ford Fusion and Ford Escape hybrids to add to its existing hybrid vehicles fleet.

Toyota Doubling Hybrid Output in 2011

18 January, 2010 06:24:00
Toyota plans to double its worldwide output of hybrid cars to 1 million units in 2011 - double the number it sold in 2009.

Hybrids Top 2009 Popular Product Ranking in Japan

26 November, 2009 10:10:00
Hybrid cars topped this year's popular product ranking in Japan, helped by government support toward purchasing environment-friendly cars, according to an advertising agency internet survey.

Hybrid Sales Up 48.6 Percent in August

03 September, 2009 07:10:00
With nearly all hybrids qualifying for the Cash for Clunkers vouchers, hybrid car sales rose to 38,701 units in August, representing 3.07 percent of all new vehicle sales.

Toyota to Buy Hybrid Car Batteries from Sanyo

19 August, 2009 05:31:00
Toyota will buy hybrid car batteries from Sanyo as the automaker struggles to meet growing demand for its hybrid vehicles due to a shortage of battery supply.

Study Finds Rebates on Hybrid Cars Inefficient

05 August, 2009 03:55:00
Government programs to provide rebates to hybrid car buyers fail to produce the environmental results expected, the University of British Columbia (UBC) study finds.

Hybrid Sales Explode with Record High Market Share

05 August, 2009 03:24:00
Hybrid vehicle sales in July jumped 31.8% compared with July 2008 to 35,429 units, reaching a 3.55% of all new vehicles sold—a record monthly share yet for the U.S.

GM Daewoo to Build Hybrids in 2011

21 July, 2009 12:15:00
GM Daewoo, the South Korean unit of the General Motors Corp., is considering producing hybrid cars in 2011 for domestic market.
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