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Donald Trump to Give Away Free Smart Electric Cars

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Donald Trump plans to give away free electric Smart car for everyone who buys one of 500 luxury homes near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The billionaire is hopping the electric car offer will help residents and visitors to go green.

The £1 billion Balmedie plan – which includes two golf courses and a hotel – was the subject of a month-long public inquiry in
Aberdeen and will be ruled on later this year.

Project director Neil Hobday said: “We've been in discussions with a major distributor of Smart Cars for about a year on this idea. The new model is electric so is responsible for zero carbon emissions.

“Each house would have a plug point built into the garage. This would be a major step to lead the way as developers delivering on sustainability.”

Some of the 950 holiday homes Trump also wants to build on the estate may also be supplied with free cars.

The Smart costs about £10.000, can travel at 70mph and gives off no carbon emissions.

Daimler plans to roll out an electric model by its Mercedes-Benz division and one by its small city-car brand Smart in 2010.

Daimler currently has in London a fleet of 100 first-generation Smart ForTwo cars that run on electricity.

[source: Scotsman]


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