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DTE Offers Rate to Charge EVs

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The Michigan Public Service Commission approved an experimental electric vehicle rate for residential customers to recharge their electric vehicles.

In its application, DTE Energy Co.'s Detroit Edison unit proposed to make this experimental electric rate available on an optional basis to a maximum of 2,500 residential customers seeking separately-metered service for the sole purpose of charging licensed electric vehicles.

Most customers enrolled for service under this rate will receive a separate meter that is capable of recording the energy used to charge the electric vehicles and the time of day that the charging occurs. Eligible customers will be provided two rate options: one that provides a lower rate for charging during off-peak hours (hours other than between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday) and another that provides for a monthly flat fee of $40 per vehicle.

The utility's experimental rate will run through Dec. 31, 2012. Detroit Edison will, at the customer's option, fund up to $2,500 for the separately metered circuit including the approved charging station; or if the approved charging station is provided by the manufacturer, Detroit Edison will fund up to $2,500 for the separately metered circuit and the installation of the charging station. Customers who opt for this equipment will be required to execute an agreement with the company that specifies terms and conditions regarding the use of such equipment.

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