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JFE Builds Super-Fast Charging System for Electric Vehicles

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Japanese company JFE Engineering claims it has found a way to recharge electric vehicle batteries in only 3 minutes.

In tests JFE conducted with its “Super-Rapid Charging System” device, Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV electric vehicle, which has a driving range of 160km (about 100 miles) on a full charge, was able to drive for 80km (50 miles) continuously after a 3-minute charge. A 5-minute charge supplies 70% of battery capacity, making it possible to drive the i-MiEV about 110km (68.5 miles), according to JFE.

This range covers the average daily travel distance for almost all passenger cars.

The “Super-Rapid Charging System” device stores power at night-time in a storage battery incorporated in the device. This power is then transferred to a separate special battery, which discharges to the EV almost instantaneously, enabling charging in a short time of only 3 minutes.

JFE also developed a low-cost version of its charger, which doesn’t require a power transformer and therefore costs roughly half the usual amount. Both that device and the high-cost model meet the specifications of the CHAdeMo standard for electric vehicles that was brought to life by a Tokyo Electric Power Company,Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota in March.

JFE's “Super-Rapid Charging System”should be available in Japan by March 2011.

[source: JFE Engineering]

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