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Production of Ford Transit Connect BEV Slated for Kansas City

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Ford’s partner Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corporation (SEV U.S. Corp.) has announced the all-electric zero emission 2010 Ford Transit Connect BEV will be assembled at SEV's plant in Kansas City, beginning next year.

The chassis will be built by Ford, with the electric drivetrains and lithium-ion battery packs installed by S.E.V. U.S. Corp.

The Transit Connect battery electric vehicle (BEV), based on Ford's all-new globally developed small vehicle platform, will provide a sustainable mobility solution for the growing number of commercial vehicle fleet operators who have expressed interest in electric vehicles.
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Transit Connect BEV will be the first all-electric vehicle in Ford’s electrification plans announced in January at Detroit. In addition, Ford also will introduce in North America a new battery electric small car in 2011, next-generation hybrid vehicles in 2012 and plug-in hybrid versions in 2012.
Transit Connect's unique combination of driving dynamics, cargo capacity, accessibility and low costs of entry and operation make it a logical platform for battery electric power. Transit Connect has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Ford of Europe on a dedicated global commercial vehicle platform to beat tough, light commercial vehicle durability standards.

Many commercial users travel predictable, short-range routes, with frequent stop and go driving in urban and suburban environments. For companies aiming for sustainable mobility solutions, Transit Connect BEV will help them deliver in an environmentally friendly way.

The decision made by SEV U.S. Corp. to locate the Transit Connect BEV plant at the former American Airlines overhaul base at
Kansas City International Airport is expected to create 120 jobs by 2010, and represents an initial investment of $10 million in the metro area.

SEV U.S. Corp. is privately held and owned by
U.S. investors and UK-based The Tanfield Group Plc. Tanfield also oversees Smith's UK-based operation, which has been the leading manufacturer of zero-emission battery-electric commercial vehicles in Europe since the 1920s, having converted tens of thousands of vehicles to battery electric power, including BEV versions of the Ford Transit medium commercial vehicle.

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