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Mercedes Delivers Econic NGT to ALDI SÃœD

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Mercedes has delivered the first Econic with NGT (Natural Gas Technology) for food distribution operations to the ALDI SÜD group of companies in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

ALDI SÜD will use the Econic NGT to supply its branches on the left bank of the Lower Rhine from the central warehouse in Mönchengladbach.

The vehicle offers lower CO2 emissions versus comparable diesel powered vehicles and CO2 neutral operation when biogas is used as fuel. Power is transferred by a six-speed automatic transmission.

The truck can also run on biogas, which makes it essentially carbon neutral in operation. The Econic NGT meets the EEV emission standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) and qualifies for the ‘Blue Angel’ environmental emblem.
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