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Maxximus LNG 2000 - World’s First Natural Gas-Powered Supercar

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Car builder David B McMahan and designer Marlon Kirby have come up with an idea to create the world’s first street-legal gas-powered supercar - the Maxximus LNG 2000.

Maxximus LNG 2000 is the second generation of the company’s original supercar, the G-Force, which claims to be “the world’s fastest street-legal supercar”.

The only difference in both of these cars is the green symbol which lacks by the G-Force.

The Maxximus LNG 2000 will be powered by a 1,600 horsepower all-aluminum V8 engine that can run on compressed natural gas as well as liquid natural gas.

The design of the LNG 2000 is still being finalized, so we’ll have to settle just with this one photo.

There are also reports of a LNG supercar named Prodigy, which will feature a 2000-horsepower engine. Of course, this will boast a million-dollar price tag.

[source: Inhabitat]


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