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Honda Accord Hybrid Brakes Subject of NHTSA Complaints

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened a preliminary investigation into the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid due to a possible safety defect in the braking performance.

The driver of a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid said she was driving over rumble strips on the side of a freeway when she tried to apply the brakes. The driver’s attempts to brake failed, then the car “began to accelerate uncontrollably” and crossed into oncoming traffic.

NHTSA is evaluating the claim before deciding whether to open a formal defect investigation, according to the statement.

The accident resulted in the death of a passenger and the driver becoming disabled, NHTSA said. The petition identified 22 other complaints involving Honda Accord and Civic hybrids that she felt were similar to her accident.

Honda says that its hybrid vehicles have the same braking system as its gas-powered vehicles.

In the past year, Toyota has recalled more than 10 million vehicles largely because of unintended acceleration complaints, while being subject to hundreds of lawsuits. Most of the recalls were caused by stuck accelerators and gas pedals getting caught on floor mats.


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