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Mercedes-Benz Buses Meet EEV Standard Without Diesel Particulate Filter

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The Mercedes-Benz bus range is now available in EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) versions.

The optional EEV emissions standard is currently the strictest European emissions standard, with limits which are below those of the Euro 5 standard.

Although the Mercedes-Benz Citaro city bus family already featured an EEV version, this was only available in conjunction with an additional diesel particulate filter.

The new EEV technology without diesel particulate filter, meanwhile, provides operators a number of significant benefits compared with the previous solution.

The technology to fulfil the optional EEV emissions standard is based on Mercedes-Benz BlueTec 5 diesel technology, together with the installation of a number of additional technological details.

Basically the fuel injection has been changed, and the injection nozzle, piping and mounting systems redesigned. Additional exhaust gas aftertreatment via SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is not necessary.

In terms of maintenance, service life, fuel consumption and weight, the EEV solution for Mercedes-Benz buses is on a par with established BlueTec 5 technology.

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