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Chevrolet Volt Gets EPA Rating: 93 MPGe

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General Motors said today that the EPA has approved a rating of 93 MPGe for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt in combined city and highway driving powered by electricity.

The automaker says the Chevrolet Volt will get an estimated 37 mpg (2.7 gallons per 100 miles) when running on its gasoline-powered generator.

Based on EPA test procedures, Volt owners can expect full-performance battery electric vehicle travels of up to 35 miles with the extended range capability of up to 344 total miles.  With a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery, the Volt can travel an estimated 379 miles.

Classifying the Chevrolet Volt is difficult because it is a one of a kind car that uses two energy sources – either electricity from the grid or gasoline from the pump - to power the vehicle. The two modes are combined into an illustrative 60 MPGe combined rating for the vehicle.

The mileage figures will be on the Volt's window sticker. The EPA's label is an important tool to help consumers understand the unique fuel efficient benefits and capabilities of the Volt.

The Environmental Protection Agency is using "miles-per-gallon equivalent" (MPGe) as it top-line metric when evaluating battery-powered cars in order to help consumers make comparisons among gas, diesel, all-electric, and hybrid options.

In the case of the Nissan LEAF that translates to an aggregate 99 MPGe between city and highway driving. The LEAF is also rated "best" for fuel economy and "best" for the environment in the midsize vehicle category.


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